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 Tornado Power General Trading  LLC has positioned itself to respond positively to any demand in the emerging Middle East market, based on its ability to call upon its network or worldwide contacts to provide superior goods and services.

The main aim of Tornado Power General Trading  LLC is to build a relationship with their clients based on management knowledge and certainty in the respective market with a commitment to delivering value products and services at competitive prices. We are committed to constant improvement in every market segment we serve and to adding tangible value to our clients, customers and vendors. 

Future plans for the company include expanding vertically and horizontally to offer an even wider variety of products and services that meet the increasing demands.

The services offered by Tornado Power General Trading Co. LLC are fully encompassing and comprehensive due to the many years of experience in international trading, guaranteeing the timely delivery of a multitude of service to any destination.

Our Team

Tornado Power General Trading LLc

Our strength lies in the technical competence, professional expertise and the experience of our people and our associates.

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. The Percept team consists of internationally experienced senior executives and life science and technology specialists. The Partners of Percept have on average more than 15 years of investment experience. Each team member possesses specialized industry knowledge and brings a global network of renowned industry and technology experts.

The unique combination of our team adds value by introducing diverse approaches and perspectives in order to make sound decisions and to actively support its portfolio companies through their growth